Our story

We have been designing and manufacturing dies, cold sheet metal forming, and high-precision machining equipment for 50 years. Our company was founded in 1969 by Filippo Cidonio, who started out with very few resources to rely on, but with great experience and determination on his side.
Over the years, the company has grown and played a primary role in the market with a distinctive feature: the quality of its finished products.

Since then it has continued to grow, specialising in manufacturing dies for precision metal parts and for cold sheet metal forming. Major investments in technology over the years have allowed us to expand significantly.
Mr Cidonio’s children joined the company in 2013 with his same determination and relying on their experience and their father’s advice, keeping two aspects in mind: quality and safety to be achieved by enhancing education and innovation.


Company Profile

Our headquarters have a production department, a technical department, and a sales department to analyse and assess customer requirements and come up with solutions within the shortest time possible. Our company stands out for its long-serving specialist personnel, who can provide customers with the best solutions, creating top-quality finished products and planning preventive maintenance to enhance the value of our customers’ investments.

Experience and state of the art technology allow us to meet any requirement of various industries, whilst ensuring reliability and the highest quality.

Industry award Vicenza 2014


In 1999, Cidonio Stampi received a 30 YEARS OF BUSINESS AWARD, thanks to its role as one of the leading companies in the sector and its contribution to Italy’s economic and social development.

Over the years, we have also received the “ROSÀ CHE LAVORA” award from the city of Rosà in 2006, and the 2014 “MAESTRO ARTIGIANO” industry award, bestowed by the Confartigianato di Vicenza small business federation.

In 2019, Cidonio Stampi celebrated its anniversary of 50 years in the business.